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GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY : All Questions And Complete Answers



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  1.   Define homeostasis.
  2.  How does the membrane contribute to cell homeostasis ? Draw and level a cell membrane.
  3.  Give the physiological range of concentration of Na+, K+, Cl-, HCO-3, glucose and Ca++ in plasma.
  4.  List the membrane transport processes with example. Or, What is membrane transport? Classify it.
  5.  What is electrogenic pump ?
  6.   State the Na+- K+ pump with importance.
  7.  What do you mean by R.M.P and action potential ?
  8.   Draw and label action potential of a large nerve fibre, ventricular muscle and SA node of heart.
  9.   How is R.M.P generated and maintained in cell ?
  10.  What is positive feedback and negative feedback mechanism? Explain with example. Write about the negative feedback regulation in our body.
  11.   Usually positive feedback regulation is harmful to our body, show it with example.
  12.   What is adaptive control ?
  13.    ‘Negative feedback mechanism is beneficial for regulating normal body function— explains with example.
  14.  What is end plate potential ?
  15.  How action potential is produced in the cell ?
  16.  Describe the role of Ca++in muscle contraction.
  17.  Write down the events of skeletal muscle contraction and relaxation.
  18.  What is a plateau?
  19.  Describe any four of membranous organelles with function.
  20.  Differentiate simple diffusion from active transport. Active transport and facilatated difffusion.
  21.  Write down : Define of diffusion with it’s example & osmosis.
  22.  Describe briefly about diffusion. Give difference between diffusion and Na+ – K+
  23.  Give the basic mechanism of transport of Na+ cross an epithelial sheet with diagram.
  24.   Draw and label a typical cell.
  25.   Name the non-membrane bound organelles. Give the function of Ribosome.
  26.   Write the function of cell organelles, ER, cytoskeleton.
  27.    Draw & label action potential.
  28.    Write down a typical cell membrane, protein, Carbohydrate.
  29.   What is exocytosis? Write the criteria of osmosis.
  30.    Briefly mention about lipid soluble and lipid insoluble substance passing through a membrane.
  31.   Write Short notes on :                          

                                                                                    a). Endoplasmic reticulum.                                                 

             b).  phagocytosis

                   c). Active-transport

                      d). Muscle contraction

             e). Mitochondria

        f). Lysozome

                                        g). Neuro muscular junction

h). Gene

                    i). Triple response

j). Asctes

            k). Homeostasis

        l). Pinocytosis

                                      m).  Na+-K+ pump mechanism

                                                                                           n). Cell membrane protein.

32.        (a) The sodium potassium pump controls cell volume, explain it.
              (b) What is sodium potassium ATP ase ? 

               (c) Enumerate factors which favours diffusion through cell membrane.
               (d) What are the difference between skeletal cardiac Muscle.

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