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Cardio Vascular System : All Questions And Complete Answers


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  1. Give the function of the ‘circulation’.
  2.  What are the junctional tissues of the heart with their generating/generation of the impulse.
  3.  How is cardiac impulse conducted throughout the heart ? Draw and level conductive tissue of heart.
  4.  Why is SA node called pacemaker of the heart ?
  5. What are the properties of the ‘cardiac’ muscle ?
  6. Define (i) Autorythmicity (ii) Refractory period and (iii) All Or, none law.
  7. Briefly discuss about refractory period and ‘Frank Sterling Law’.
  8. Classify blood vessels on physiological point of view.
  9. What are the physiological basis that causes the’ Heart Sound’ ?
  10. Discuss the significance of 1st and 2nd (second) Heart Sound.
  11. What is apex beat ? Give its importance.
  12. What are different Heart Sound ?
  13. Give the cause, duration and characteristic of first(1st) heart sound.
  14. What is cardiac murmur ? Why does it occur ? What is arrhythmig ?
  15. What is the Cardiac Output ?
  16. Describe the important factors controlling C.O. Or, State the dynamic factors controlling the cardiac output.
  17. How can C.O. be measured ?
  18. Define SV, ESV & EDV with their range of normal value.
  19. State the factors controlling ESV, SV, EDV.
  20. List the vasoconstrictor & vasodilator agents.
  21. What is Venous Return ?
  22. Describe the factors controlling Venous Return.
  23. What do you mean by/definition of picks principle & explain how the cardiac output can be measured by it ?
  24. Define Cardiac Cycle & Cardiac Index.
  25. Explain in short the changes occur in cardiac cycle with the diagram.
  26. Describe isometric phase of contraction.
  27. Discuss the volume changes during Cardiac Cycle.
  28. Describe the pressure changes in ventricles during Cardiac Cycle.
  29. Enumerate the events of Cardiac Cycle.
  30. Discuss the Ventricular Events.
  31. What is Cardiac Failure ?
  32.  What are the changes associated with Cardiac Cycle.
  33. Describe ventricular diastole of cardiac cycle.
  34. Explain the cardiovascular changes occur during the period of exercise.
  35. What is heart rate ? Give the normal value of heart rate at different ages.
  36. Define Heart Block. Classify it. Show diagrammatically different types of Heart Block.
  37. What is Vasomotor Tone ? Discuss the factors regulating Vasomotor Tone.
  38. What is pulse ? Write in short about pulse.
  39. Give the normal ranges of different types of Blood Pressure.
  40. Enumerate the mechanism of Blood Pressure regulation.
  41. How Blood Pressure regulated by kidney when raising it ?
  42. Explain Renin-Angiotensin Mechanism.
  43. Briefly discuss the role of Angiotensin-II in arterial & blood pressure regulation.
  44. What is diastolic pressure ? Importance of diastolic pressure on BP.
  45. Discuss the nervous / hormonal regulation of Blood Pressure.
  46. What is brain-bridge refle ? Define Vagal escape.
  47. Draw the diagram of cardiac cycle-showing different events.
  48. If HR is 90 beats/min, then what will be the Cardiac Cycle time?
  49. State the determinant factors of blood pressure. State Renin-angiotensin vasoconstrictor mechanism in low blood pressure.
  50. Show the spread of cardiac excitation diagrammatically.
  51. What are the factors regulating the Peripheral Resistance?
  52. Systolic B.P is 170 mm of Hg & diastolic BP is 50 mm of Hg. Calculate mean arterial pressure.
  53. Discuss the baroreceptor feedback mechanism in maintenance of blood pressure when it becomes   low / Baroreceptor feedback mechanism in blood Pressure Regulation.
  54. What are the factors Regulating Heart Rate?
  55. Write about significance of ECG.
  56. Define E.C.G. Mention the effect of hyperkalemia and 2nd degree heart block on ECG.
  57. Draw and label a normal E.C.G. What information will you get from the tracing of ECG ?
  58. What is the importance of PR interval ?
  59. List the characteristics of heart sound, which are detected by stethoscope?
  60. Define & classify shock. What is strokes-Adam-syndrome.
  61. Give the compensatory mechanism of the Hypovoluemic Shock.
  62. What are the causes of A-V nodal delay. What is the significance of AV nodal delay and refractory period ?
  63. Write down the interrelation among the pressure, flow and resistance. State the effects of
    pressure on vascular resistance.What is platen ?
  64. Write down the body responses to compensate the Shock.
  65. State the ventricular pressure changes during Cardiac Cycle.
  66. Briefly explain frank starting law of the heart.
  67. Write down the components of microcirculation? Explain the mechanism of fluid exchange
    in the microcirculatory bed.
  68. Write Short notes on :
  • Brain bridge reflex.
  • Heart block.
  • CNS ischaemic response. .
  • Hemorrhagic shock.
  • Cardiac arrest.
  • Radial pulse.
  • Heart sound
  • EDV
  • ECG
  • Microcirculation
  • Hypertension
  • Chemoreceptor mechanism
  • Baroneceptor Reflex.
  • Regulation of heart rate.
  • A-V nodal delay
  • Capillary fluid exchange in systemic circulation

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