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BLOOD : All Questions And Complete Answers


Blood physiology collected unique picture no-04.

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  1. Name the plasma proteins with their normal value and origin.
  2. Mention the functions of plasma proteins.
  3. Name the properties of plasma proteins. List the life span blood cells.
  4. Define erythropoiesis. What is medullary and extramedullary erythropoiesis ?
  5. What factors promote erythropoiesis ? Or, What are the factors necessary for erythropoiesis?
  6. Name the stages of erythropoiesis. What are the changes occurs during this development of RBC.
  7. Give the morphology of RBC. Write down : Fate of RBC.
  8. Why the reticulocyte is called the immature red blood cell?
  9. What is the role of erythropoietin on erythropoiesis ?
  10. What is leukocytosis ?
  11. Name the ABO and Rh blood groups with their prevalence, with iheir agglutinogens and agglutinins. Why ABO system is called classical Blood croup.
  12. What is Rh-factor? Positive person is safe than Rh-Negative person-Briefly it.
  13. What are the indications of blood transfusion.
  14. Mention the list of the hazards of blood transfusion.
  15. Give an outline of the effects of mismatched blood transfusion.
  16. Discuss the mechanism of acute kidney shutdown and jaundice occur due to mismatched blood transfusion.
  17. Define antigen and antibody.
  18. What is Rh-incompatibility and describe any two effects ?
  19. State Landstainer’s law.
  20. What is cellular and humoral immunity ?
  21. How is cell mediated immunity produced in the body ?
  22. Write the functions of T-lymphocyte.
  23. List the chemical names of blood clotting factors chronologically.
  24. Discuss in short about blood coagulation mechanism with diagram. Or, Write down the basic steps of coagulation .
  1. Name some natural anticoagulants.
  2. What is blood coagulation ? Or, Define coagulation and haemostasis. Mention the role of calcium in blood coagulation.
  3. Why blood does not normally clot within circulation ?
  1. What is ACD solution?
  2. Write down the functions of platelet.
  3. Normal value and morphology of platelet.
  4. what is hemostasis.
  1. What are the events of hemostasis.
  2. Write the role of plateletes in hemostasis.
  3. Write down mechanism of platelet plug formation in Haemostasis.
  4. Discuss about blood coagulation test.
  5. Enumerate the vit-K dependent clotting factors.
  6. Compare the extrinsic and intrinsic pathway of blood coagulation.
  7. Enumerate the stages of formation of prothrombin activators for coagulation.
  8. What is purpura ? What is thrombocytopenia.
  9. Classify WBC with their differential counts. Shortly Narrate the genesis of WBC.

Blood physiology collected unique picture no-05.

  1. Classify WBC with their normal values.
  2. What are the properties of WBC ? Describe any two of them.
  3. What is diapedesis?
  4. What is Rh factor ?
  5. Define anaemia.
  6. Give the morphological classification of anaemia.
  7. What is induced erythrocythemia ?
  8. Describe the fate of Hb after destruction of R.B.C.
  9. What are the steps of haemoglobin formation?
  10. Name some important Hb test.
  11. How to differ plasma from serum ?
  12. Define ESR. What is haemophilia.
  13. What are the tests do you perform in a bleeding disorder case?
  14. What is hemoglobinopathy?
  15. What is the ‘ universal donor ‘ and ‘ universal recipient’ & why it is called ?
  16. Define and classify jaundice.
  17. Define & classify immunity. How cell mediated immunity produced in our body’? Write Role of lymphocyte in cellular immunity.
  18. Give the function of neutrophils & macrophages.
  1. What is pernicious anaemia? Give the effect of polycythaemia on the
    circulatory system.
  2. Why does anaemia occurs due to vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency?
  3. What are the points we consider before blood transfusion? Discuss the mechanism of acute renal shut down due to mismatched blood transfusion.
  4. Write about the platelet plug formation.
  5. Write Short notes on:
  •   Erythroblastosis fetalis
  •   Fibrinolysis
  •  Megaloblastic Anaemia
  •  Haemoglobin
  •  Protein C
  •  Rh system
  • Helper cell
  • PT, BT & CT
  • Opsonization
  •  B-lymphocyte
  •  Acute renal shut down
  •  Cross matching
  •  Immunoglobulin
  •  Antigen
  •  Antibody
  •  Haemoglobin F
  •  Mast cell
  •  Purpura
  •  Rh- factor
  •  Jaundice
  •  Haemophilia

Blood physiology collected unique picture no-10.

Blood physiology collected unique picture no-08. 

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